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Individual therapy at ACT Services is provided by Kasandra  Level 2 Clinician. Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence based therapy that helps you to go inward and heal. So when you say ‘a part of me wants to have people over tonight but there is also this part that just wants to stay home in my pajamas and watch my favorite show’, that's IFS.


You start your sessions by just getting to know your parts. ‘Parts’ take on either an extreme protective role or help to hold pain and vulnerability. The hope is that you are able to explore your ‘Parts’ by being in ‘Self’ energy. 

During your IFS session your clinician will hold space and guide you to learning more about your ‘Parts’ and ‘Self’.  By accessing your internal system you will be able to learn why and or what your emotions are communicating, how you can help them calm down, and find out what they need from you and begin to trust ‘Self’ more.

Self desires to restore balance to the system, helps all the parts, and doesn’t have an agenda. Parts are resources for self.


If you have dealt with childhood trauma and seeking healing,

schedule an appointment with ACT Services today. 


I don't live in Connecticut, can you still see me?

Do I have to have a diagnosis?

Are you in the office

Do I have to meet in person?


1. reach out for a screening
2. good match, compelted documentaion online
3. onboard 
4. intake talka bout presenting problem 
5.  tx

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