I’m Kasandra Marbury and I help students and professionals in the helping field addresschildhood trauma so they can heal. Individuals are looking for a quick fix so I help them to uncovered that little girl who experienced the trauma and release her by using individual therapy, groups and workshops. The teachers, medical professionals, and workers in the criminal justice and psych field that I support are ready to address their childhood trauma. An individual can use childhood trauma as motivation to work in the helping field while simultaneously running from the trauma.          

In the US,  61% of men and 51% of women report exposure to at least one traumatic lifetime event.  

For my clients, unaddressed childhood trauma manifest as problems in their

  • Relationships

  • Work Environment                   

  • Flashbacks

  • Avoidant Behavior  

  • Anger Outburst

  • Threats of Divorce

In individual therapy I address family guilt, low self-esteem while building on establishing healthy boundaries for long-term relationships and create a sense of peace. I also support adolescents struggling with depression and anxiety. For  teen client's symptoms of depression and anxiety manifest as problems impacting their academics, peer relationships, social engagement and future planning.

If you have dealt with childhood trauma and seeking healing,

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