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31 Day Affirmation Challenge

If you believe words have power, then you know that what you say can create a positive or negative situation. At some point we all verbalize or think both positive and negative thoughts, I would call that self-talk. I have noticed that if you consciously create a situation of positive self-talk you can improve your attitude, outlook, and confidence to make a change. Some people practice daily affirmations, which is the process of someone intentionally verbalizing a positive self-talk statement.

With some people creating New Years Resolutions, affirmations can come in hand with boosting one's confidence to continue working toward that goal.  A simple but powerful affirmation is stating what you are grateful for.

Try consciously telling yourself a positive statement and take note if it helps you to improve your confidence to sustain your New Year's Resolution goal.

Every day on Instagram I will be posting a positive affirmation you can use for the challenge or you can create your own.

Directions: Each morning say the affirmation out loud. Take a moment to feel how that statement affects your body. Take a moment to notice how you feel after saying the statement. Say it again and visualize the statement.


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