Are you considering change in your life but ambivalent about where or how to start?

ACT Services will support you in that process.
We can collaborate and construct a treatment plan that utilizes clinical techniques with your strengths to begin making improvements in life.

ACT Services llc service to ADVOCATE. We support each individual's personal cause. COUNSEL. We provide client driven individual and family therapy. TEACH. We provide skill-building groups and workshops.


ACT Services LLC  therapeutic support includes individual, group, and or family sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take medication?

No, you do not have to take medication. We support an individual’s decision to pursue medication and we do not pressure anyone to take any medication. We will support your decision by collaborating with your PCP, APRN, or Psychiatrist. Provider collaboration is key in one’s total wellness. Every month we send an update to your provider.

What insurance does ACT Services LLC accept?

We currently accept Cigna, Anthem, Husky, or Private Pay.

What does the therapy process look like?

- Schedule Intake

- Complete electric intake packet in portal

- Intake: Discuss presenting challenges

- 2nd Session: Explore personal history & complete assessment tools

- 3rd Session: Discuss observations, diagnosis, & co-create a treatment plan

- Continued Sessions: Work toward goals

- 6 Months: Review treatment plan



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