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Stop your emotions from affecting your creative process. Express Yourself is a Wellness program for new entrepreneurs. The 6 week group uses art to explore: your identify, business values, insight into your communication, self awareness and develop a healthier relationship

art, feelings, watercolor, paint, group

Express Yourself 

is a group for those who are looking to:

- explore powerful ways to transfer feelings into art

- learn how to turn art
into words

- explore creative ways to
gain a stronger voice

- learn how to control
emotions through the arts


Innher Peace 

Is a group for those in search of peace. You will:

-Learn breathing  and mindfulness techniques 

-Use journaling to aid in

-Practice positive internal dialogue  

learning to breathe, mindfuless, calm, anger

Learning to Breathe
is a group where you
will learn how to:

- use mindfulness to build
stress management skills

- enhance emotion

- strengthen your attention
and performance

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