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Our MISSION at ACT Services LLC is to provide outpatient mental health services to stressed entrepreneurs.  

We advocate that entrepreneurs develop self-awareness and set limits

We counsel them through tough times 

We teach them how to use healthy wellness tools


Kasandra started ACT Services llc in 2016 and was a solo practitioner until 2023. The practice counseled clients who presented with anxiety, depression, PTSD and panic disorder. The practice evolved when Kasandra noticed a population of individuals who had high rates of mental health but didn't talk about it. Kasandra noticed the entrepreneurial community when she started a second business and experienced various symptoms and challenges. She has now made it her mission to bring light and treatment to population that normalizes extreme work habits.  Her expansion of ACT Services llc is to reach more entrepreneurs and address it in a manner that does not shame but educates. ACT Services provides mental health services for entrepreneurs.

The stories of entrepreneurs are often celebrated for their hardworking nature, and it's easy to get caught up in the grind. After all, it's part of the narrative that got them to where they are. But while these behaviors and affirmations can be an important tool in getting ahead, they might also be affecting one's mental well-being. We say things like "Grind now," "Stay focused," and "Sleep later, grind now" to motivate ourselves and push through tough times, but these statements can sometimes be damaging over the long term. They perpetuate negativity, anxiety, and other issues that might affect us far more than we realize.

That's why ACT Services LLC is here—to provide a place for stressed solopreneurs to find support for their mental wellness. We're here to help them quiet the noise around them and allow their true selves to come forward.


What is IFS?

are resources for self, take on either an extreme
protective role or help to hold pain

desires to restore balance to the system, helps all
the parts, and doesn’t have an agenda

What is 'SELF'?

We start therapy sessions by just getting to know your parts. ‘Parts’ take on either an extreme protective role or help to hold pain and vulnerability. The hope is that you are able to explore your ‘Parts’ by leading with ‘Self’ energy.  


 By accessing your internal system you will be able to learn why and or what your emotions are communicating, how you can help them calm down, and find out what they need from you and begin to trust ‘Self’ more.

Meet the Team

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