1 - day workshops for the corporate professional and the community.

Workshops are an opportunity to introduce mental health creatively and assess the community’s specific needs.



Brown Bag Hour are corporate workshops that are facilitated during breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack times.These workshops offer employers the opportunity to offer soft benefits that will inspire the team to make improvements in their wellbeing, work life balance and potentially improve work moral.


Brown Bag Hour is an interactive hour that is filled with group discussion, activities and takeaway tools. The presentation is scheduled for 1 & 1/2 hours.

Stress Management

Participants will engage in a presentation filled with a Powerpoint, discussion, and interactive activities. Participants will explore workplace friendly techniques that can be used in 10 minutes.

Employees will:

-Be able to list the physical impact stress has on the body.

-Learn to differentiate between mindful and relaxation techniques.

-Experience three mindfulness techniques and three relaxation techniques.

Chair Yoga &Stretches

Participants will engage in a chair or mat yoga sequence. This technique is great for workplace environments, trauma survivors, and individuals with limited mobility. Great additional to Monthly wellness program.


 Employees will:

-Demonstrate yoga positions/ stretches that can be used in the work environment.

-Discover a breathing technique to help calm the mind and restore the nervous system.

-Learn how to use yoga to bring their focus to the present moment.

Paint Hour

Participants will engage in an activity exploring Mental Health and Project Semicolon. Participants will have the choice of either painting a floral awareness ribbon or a semicolon butterfly.

Employees will:

-Identify steps participants can take to support an individual with suicidal ideation.

-Learn where to find local community Mental Health Providers.

- Recall the importance of the Semicolon Project.  

Paint Night

Participants will engage in a 90-minute activity exploring the Project Semicolon and Mental Health. The approach allows for a discussion about some of the stigmas of mental health and local resources. Participants will have the choice of either painting a floral awareness ribbon or a semicolon butterfly. 

Participants will:

- Explore steps they can take to support an individual with suicidal ideations

Identify where to find a local community Mental Health Providers

Recall the importance of the Semicolon Project symbol

Vision Board

Participants will engage in a 3-hour activity exploring personal goal setting. Participants will create a personalized collage filled with images, pictures and affirmations designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for their future goals. 

Participants will:

 -Learn the five approaches to creating SMART goals

-Identify barriers that impact personal goals

-Create an action plan outlining steps needed to reach goals




Community Chats are community workshops designed for nonprofits, community providers, or personal events. All workshops offer interactive activities, discussions, takeaway tools, with a 15-minute Q&A session. The presenter is scheduled for the designated Workshop time, with 15 minutes before the presentation and 15 minutes after.



Check out some of the workshops we hosted in the past!

Q&A Panal Brunch

Minority Mental Awareness Month

July 27, 2019

Photos by Felton Photography 

Mid Year Vision Board Party

June 2019

Photos by Kay Jackson Photography