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Apply to our current open positions below: 

Mental Health Therapist  

Job Type: Part-time, Remote, contract 

Job Description

  • Conduct clinical assessments (diagnostic, psychosocial) and prepare an assessment report in a timely manner, consistent with agency standards.

  • Develop and implement initial and subsequent treatment plans for supportive counseling services with the client and the client’s support system

  • Provide individual, family, and couples’ sessions and interventions as outlined in the therapy plan, using a strengths-based approach and best practice models

  • Develop a therapeutic relationship with the client’s family and includes family members in the treatment process as necessary and appropriate

  • Collaborate with community agencies and professionals to coordinate appropriate care



  • Graduate of an accredited college or university with a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Social Work, or a human services-related field

  • Connecticut license issued by the board regulating the profession in question in one of the following disciplines: psychology, psychiatry, social work, or counseling. 

  • Minimum of 2 years postgraduate experience working with children and adults experiencing DSM 5 diagnostic symptoms.

  • Minimum of 1 year of experience providing best practice treatment approaches to children, young adults, and families within the community setting.

Are you willing to commit to 1 year contract on a part-time bais?
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Our MISSION at ACT Services LLC is to provide outpatient mental health services to stressed entrepreneurs.  

We advocate that entrepreneurs develop self-awareness and set limits

We counsel them through tough times 

We teach them how to use healthy wellness tools


Kasandra started ACT Services llc in 2016 and was a solo practitioner until 2023. The practice counseled clients who presented with anxiety, depression, PTSD and panic disorder. The practice evolved when Kasandra noticed a population of individuals who had high rates of mental health but didn't talk about it. Kasandra noticed the entrepreneurial community when she started a second business and experienced various symptoms and challenges. She has now made it her mission to bring light and treatment to population that normalizes extreme work habits.  Her expansion of ACT Services llc is to reach more entrepreneurs and address it in a manner that does not shame but educates. ACT Services provides mental health services for entrepreneurs.


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