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8 Places to find a Therapist

Looking for a therapist can be daunting, confusing, and frustrating. Making the decision to seek therapy may seem like the first step and it is. Kudos to anyone who decides they are ready to change. The next most important step is finding a therapist.  Where to begin? These are the 8 areas where you can begin to find a therapist in your area that fits your needs.

  1. Your local Town's Health & Human Services Department or Youth Department

  2. Hospitals

  3. Professional Directories

- Psychology Today

- Theravive

- Good Therapy

4. Special Directory

- Anxiety and Depression Association of America

- Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

- Attention Deficit Disorder Association

5. 2-1-1. Connecticut State hotline. They can provide a list of local therapist.

6. Professional Associations. - Mental Health America 

- National Association of Social Workers 

- American Psychiatric Association 

- Society of Clinical Psychology 

7. Word of mouth.

8. Health Insurance.

Now that you know where to go to find a therapist, do you know how to pick the right  therapist for you? Next I’ll share some tips on how to pick the right therapist.  Don't forget to leave  comment about how you picked your therapist. Which tips worked or didn't work for you?


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