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Creating a Vision Board

A Goal without a PLAN is just a WISH!

As a women we at times put other people first and ourselves last. We have allowed our personal goals to fall waist side and we don’t realize it until our backs are against the wall. We have allowed our career dreams, our bedroom decor, our fitness regime, or whatever goal we have to not be apart of our life. Basically our self-care is non existence. If you notice this happening then that is good because now you are aware.

So, what is next?

Well it’s time for change, regroup and strategize. Below are some of my suggestions to helping you make that change.

1. Set your GOALS. Identify what you want. Take some time and dream like you are a kid. What are your true desires? Writer them down. Do not put restrictions on yourself, just allow the creativity to flow.

2. Come up with a PLAN.What do you need to do to reach these goals? Break down your goals into small steps that you can work on weekly or monthly. SMART GOALS is a great way to plan out your goal.

3. Don’t let Anything STOP You. What is going to keep you from reaching these goals? For everything that kept you from reaching your goals last year, write at least 2 things you will do to ensure it does not happen again. For some it is as ‘simple’ as asking for help. Don't allow media to dictate to you that you have to do it by yourself. You don't. You have a village, you just have to ask.

4. Build your TEAM. We all need a team to accomplish our goals. Pick the right people that will cheer you on, hold you accountable, and help you expand your network.

You are NEVER too old to set another goal or to dream a NEW dream!!

Creating a Vision Board has great benefits. Watch the Recap below.

Videographer Laumega


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