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Holiday Wellness TIPS

The holidays can be both joyous and challenging. For those with a healthy support system it’s nostalgic and endearing while for those with a toxic support system it can be anxiety provoking. Rather than suffer each year this year try choosing to be proactive and make adjustments. There are various things you can do to help but here are 3 of my Holiday Wellness Tips:


Don't forget about yourself during this time. Holiday season means more social interaction and usually more being asked of you. To help balance the demands and your needs, make sure that you still carve out time for yourself. Continue to practice and utilize your daily, weekly and monthly self-care tools.


Step away from social media and engage in human connection. Connect with those who you identify as your family, friends, or volunteer at an event. Unplugging also helps to prevent intense flashbacks or memory of those who have passed. Staying away from social media during the holiday also can help prevent you from comparing your life to others.


Re-Create your own tradition. You don't have to continue unhealthy family traditions of spending time with toxic family members. As an adult, explore and begin your own traditions.


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