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Break the Silence!

The Mental Health Stigma

Why is there so much negative stigma about mental health? I know there are various reasons but I want to be the solution to the problem or at least help. Within the black community, mental health stigma has been a long standing problem, that actually dictates if someone will seek treatment. Black women are praised for their behavior of “moving on” or “being strong”, in regards to some mental health symptoms, but it’s more like suffering in silence. All those matras has a lasting impact. African americans are 20% more likely to report serious psychological distress than whites. I know the African American community is not the only community that experience mental health stigma. 1 out of 5 people in the United States suffer from a mental illness. Once again, why do we continue to allow the stigma to grow? For individuals that are educated about mental health, I think we can do a better job about talking more about it, allowing for others to ask questions or talk about it as well. I am now making a commitment to facilitate and host various events that will allow individuals to have a dialogue, gain knowledge, or practice some easy techniques.

The events  will be for anyone, but everyone will leave with a better understanding about mental health.

I strongly believe in trying various techniques to help individuals grow. With all the distractions,  hussle and bussle of today, creating goals can be challenging. For those that are easily distracted and struggle with organization, I have created a series of Vision Board Workshops. Participants have an opportunity to learn about SMART goal, write down goals for the year, and create a personalized Vision Board. Check out the EVENTS page, as seats are limited.

Black Friday we will be posting the dates and details!! 


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