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What are you telling yourself?

Updated: May 18, 2019

We have many thoughts within a day creating various outcomes. Some thoughts are helpful & progressive, some debilitating while others are impulsive and or reactive. One bad thought about your interpretation of a situation can take over the entire experience usually creating a negative outcome. With a thought you can create a false sense of danger which can generate a panic attack.

Learning how to catch, reframe,and redirect takes practice and discipline; one way to streamline your thoughts is through affirmations. The classic affirmation creates positive thinking that we say to ourselves repeatedly leading to greater change. They usually starts with ‘I’, are statements that are future oriented and is positive in nature, i.e. ‘I will always do what is right.’.

Self-Affirmations are statements based on values that are personally relevant to you. Self-affirmations are more rational and less emotional, they give value,which allows you to depend less on self esteem and more on self worth i.e. ‘I am enough’.

I try to encourage my clients to not focus on stopping the negative thoughts, but to focus on incorporating the new skill of daily positive affirmations. To print 2 free printable affirmations visit here and don't forget when you post on social media to tag us! t


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