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Worried About Making Change?

You may think that your nail biting habit is from anxiety or maybe even personal worries but over time worries and fears have caused more havoc than just nail biting….

Ask yourself have you begin to notice your fears are keeping you away from being social, has your job now become your life? You may even notice or feel that you want a career change, unhappy with the same dead-end job for years, which has also done no justice for your relationship. Fearing your relationship may end soon because stress has clouded your romantic thinking due to lack of time, communication and companionship within your relationship.

Ready for a change?

Tried YOGA…….. but couldn't sit with the silence.

Tried DRINKING TEA ……..but the taste was awful.

Tried VACATIONING ……..but it’s getting to be expensive.

Tried TALKING TO FRIENDS ……..but they keep saying “get over yourself” OR “it's not that serious”.

So you finally decide to try counseling, your doctor noticed your frustration and recommended individual therapy. After four months of therapy you began to learn how to truly LIVE IN THE PRESENT. How to LIVE THE LIFE YOU TRULY WANT and feel like you're finally being heard and understood.

Is this your current frustration?

Call today to schedule an appointment so that you can begin creating the life you want to be in.


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